A great logo encapsulates all that a corporation or entity is into a relatively small space. The really good logos are imbued with energy. There is seemingly movement within the form that makes up the logo. Jeep is a great example of a simple logo which works well in multiple mediums. It looks great on the SUVs, great on the digital screen and great on the page. Google and ebay make good use of colour in their logos, which suggest fun and an encompassing vision. Coca Cola in that running writing red font has been an iconic emblem of youth culture for decades. Why a great logo really matters? It is indelible in more ways than one.

No Logo No Identity

Batman has a great logo and it is beamed across the skyline in times of trouble, calling forth the masked avenger to save Gotham city. Kelloggs has a cheery identity eminently suitable for breakfast time. Starbucks has a weird logo with a mermaid in the centre and to be honest I hate the whole Starbucks concept and their crap coffee. That, however, is a discussion for another time. Vaio has plenty of movement in their logo. Skype suggests clouds and communication waves through the air. No logo equates with no identity in the 21C.

Corporate Identity is Dependent Upon Great Graphics

Making a good impression remains an integral part of commercial realities and the graphic design of a logo is an imperative. No name products in supermarkets are associated with lesser quality. Cleanskin wines are similarly stocked in the bargain barrel at liquor stores. Corporate identity is heavily tied up with great graphic design because it is essential to delivering the desired result. Digital marketing is dependant upon graphics as much as SEO and good copy. The brave new world is all about virtual presentations.

Everywhere We Look We See Logos

Sydney is a town built on lifestyle opportunities for its most successful denizens. In Australia and around the globe every facet of our lives is influenced and affected by things like logos. We look to brands and their identity to make consumer and life choices every day. Logos tell a story and they are part of the modern narrative. Our materialistic culture is enriched by the symbols and iconography inherent in today’s world. Sports are littered with sponsors and their logos. They light up the space with colour and fresh design. Everywhere we look we see logos.