Many of us know that the right side of our brains are taken up with processing images and big picture stuff, whilst the left hemisphere is more about the details, including logic and mathematics. This is an overly simplistic understanding of an incredibly complex organ, but the bare outlines are reasonably correct. The left brain in most people is largely responsible for language, whilst the right hemisphere is involved in emotional processing. The two sides work together in most healthy people to achieve the wonder that is a fully functioning human being. The right brain hemisphere realm of graphic design does hold water under that general description.

Right Brains Picture the Image

Great graphic design is, often, a combination of words and pictures, so, it takes both sides of our brains to make perfect sense of it. However, because graphic design and images make up a whole picture it does lend itself to the right brain dominant function. This is why powerful graphics generate emotions and feeling responses. A fantastic logo may bend letters or a word into an image. The golden arches for example. Or, it may just present an iconic illustration of an image like the bitten Apple or the Nike swoosh.

Brands Need to be Backed Up by Sublime Presentation

Great design is important across the board, from inception to packaging. Successful brands and companies know that presentation is everything in this era of high style expectations. As much as the environment would be so much better off without all this packaging, consumers expect brands to be backed up by sublime presentation. People do judge a book by its cover and not only books. Products must be labelled and packaged to reflect their individuality and commercial appeal. The right brain takes in the whole picture and the left peruses the fine print details.

Generates a Visceral Response in the Beholder

A great looking product generates a visceral response in the beholder and the associated livery needs to sing from the same song sheet. A company’s logo, branding, labelling and packaging must dovetail together in perfect harmony. Great graphic design delivers that, and the digital age has made that easier, but raised consumer expectations and standards like never before. Corporate identity is an expression you hear a lot about within the corridors of power on the top floor. The right brain hemisphere realm of graphic design is in service to that expression of corporate identity in the marketplace.