How to Change Font in CSS

Lets start with getting to know basis: Find a font that will mark your web site.

Font family is its ability to determine a priority list of fonts that you want to be used for a particular element of the website. The objective existence of the list is that if the first font in the list is not installed on your computer, website visitors, to enable the next font on the list tries to replace the missing, and if he does not exist, passes to the next, until the moment when a font the list is not to be successfully recognized.

There are two names that are categorized fonts: family names and basic family. The basic families are groups of family names from the specified characteristics. Three types of related families are: serif, sans-serif and monospace. Family name popularly called fonts. Examples of fonts that belong to the basic serif family: Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia. Note that these three have in common font a base, something like a letter of support on the bottom, or foot. The main families of sans-serif that has no basis in all capital letters. Examples of sans-serif as: Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana. Differences between the two main families are obvious. One has a base case and the other does not. The third family is the basic monospace.

You can easily see the fonts in this family, they have a fixed width. The family letters include: Courier, Courier New and Distortion Mono. When you put on the list of fonts for your web page, it is best to put in the first place the most preferred font, and then to put the alternative. We suggest that you put the fonts from the same basic family, so that the font of the same family, eg. sans, to show if no other font in the list is not available to the user computer.

Example list of fonts in order of priority: h1 {font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif;} In this example, the headers with h1 tag will use the font Arial. If this font is not available, the user does not have it on your computer, will be used next to the font list. If the next font in the list not working series continues with the next font, and so while some do not up and running. If you specify fonts that are from the same basic family, the same font from the same basic family will be displayed in the header. Font Style This section defines a specific font you chose to be in any of the following styles: bold, italic or oblique.

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