Elite Graphics

We are a Sydney-based creative digital company that aims to deliver top-level technical and creative solutions that will satisfy the needs of a business and the consumers.

Elite Graphics is a Sydney-based logo design, website design, print design and brand marketing company. Whether you’re a small business looking for an eye catching brand or an established business looking for a competitive edge, we have your needs covered. We immerse ourselves into your brand. We understand how your business works and how you want to present yourself. Do you want sense of humor? Is it intended for professional audiences? We will talk about your target audiences, visions and goals. Once we already have a clear and full understanding about your project, it be comes easier for us to identify specific designs and technical solutions for you.




Why Woocommerce May Be The Best Retail Platform For You

The modern age is a wonder where you can be a shop keeper without slumming it in a store. Having to wear dowdy clothes and smile endlessly is a thing of the past. Putting out your shingle and paying the rent on a bricks and mortar shop is no longer necessary....

Why a Great Logo Really Matters?

A great logo encapsulates all that a corporation or entity is into a relatively small space. The really good logos are imbued with energy. There is seemingly movement within the form that makes up the logo. Jeep is a great example of a simple logo which works well in...

The Right Brain Hemisphere Realm of Graphic Design

Many of us know that the right side of our brains are taken up with processing images and big picture stuff, whilst the left hemisphere is more about the details, including logic and mathematics. This is an overly simplistic understanding of an incredibly complex...